Welcome to….Dishin the Dirt!

Welcome to….Dishin the Dirt!

Hi guys, Hazel here!

This is my first post, and just wanted to let you know I have some great stuff coming up on this blog.

I have started drafting up great quality stuff for you about a couple different topics:

– Why I use ECO Friendly products and providers?
– DIY Cleaning products
– Alternatives to big name brands for cleaning supplies
– How to determine the right cleaning company to hire: maid service, carpet cleaning, gutters, etc.
– My Cleaning Schedule (including Chart)
– And honestly probably a bunch of cool things I do with my kids to get messy…because hey, getting dirty is kinda fun too!

If there is anything you guys want me to dive into, interested in, products you want me to test, or things you want me to test/make and give feedback, let me know!

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